Beautifully Blind Girls

I think she’s beautiful
Wearing all white at a funeral
But my opinion was unheard
The choice has always been hers
Everybody thinks that i should shut up
Especially her
My first loved moved away to atlanta
My second love moved to Mexico
My track record with many ladies
Most of them having babies that are not mine
They call me up for confirmation
Just to see if i’ve gotten bitter
I don’t mean to call them BITCHES
But these BITCHES get on my nerves
Staring at my future
they have 20/20 vision
Only look for dollar signs
they can’t take a hint
We’ve broken up over your lies
Just so you can have other guys
willing to climb between your thighs
your words have been replaced with mine
I’ve had a beautiful time
Messing with your beautiful minds
I live in this beautifully blind world
With these Beautifully Blind Girls


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