You Are………

I would like nothing more
Than to have a body such as yours
That i could just sit and adore
While you slowly let your clothes fall down to the floor
I couldn’t honestly ask for anything more
I’d sit and watch in silence
You shine so bright
My vision turns into blindness
It’s ok I dont need this vision
My other senses stand at attention
The way you smell
The way you feel
Honestly you are something real
Could you you please tell me how it feels
Love is war and you shoot to kill
All these scares i’ve chosen to peel
Off of my skin to walk up this hill
Your dangerous when you wear those heels
Your looks may not kill but they’re making me ill
Im begging can you make me a deal
If i stay me will just sit still
Can you be my drug i dont want these pills
YOU ARE…………………..

(To Be continued)


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