Im Right Here (unnoticed)

  Hold me tight
  I have a fear of letting go of things
  Let this be my night
  Girl I won’t try to ruin things
  Some people only about the newest things
  I’m old school
  Show you the finner things
  Give me a chance
  To have you wearing designer things
  I’m only here for you baby
  So let be try a couple things
  Don’t get naked just take you jacket off
  Let me paint on your arm
  Showing you my everything
  No regard
  My heart we can share it
  I’m right here boo
  Its my favorite color
  That’s why I call you blue

I’m right here
You night not ever let me hold you
But lady I’m right here
Anytime you need a shoulder
Girl I’m right here
Never try to mind control you
I just wanna be the guy
That’s gets a chance to show you


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