Long Conversations With Myself

It seems like I’d rather stand alone
Instead together with these drones
Mechanical dummies
Trying to see what I put on
I see through you all
Bunch of weak ass clones
Carrying on
Steadily watchin the throne
Just to see the cologne that I put on
Pushing me into the dark side
I stand paralyzed by your bullshit
You may think it’s amusing
I hope you know
You need your ass whipped
No whipped cream
You thought that I’d give up on dreams
You better dream again
You play games
But I play to win
We both know that weren’t not friends
Mental telepathy
They tell me mind fuckin is the enemy
Guns don’t kill people
I’ll take you down with what’s inside of me
I’m promised to make you proud of me
Writing my lyrical prophecies
Same people I see looking down on me
I catch them fucking up like the economy
When I close my eyes I see the finner
Not more expensive
Just better
I’m in tune with trying things
Not just designer things
Every song I write
Is about this girl I fell in love with
I squeeze my heart on this page
Because she’ll never read a word of this
I feel as though I’m Goku
Fighting to get a glimpse of you
But if I see that we’re in danger
Ill go super saiyan trying to save you
I can see it in your eyes
You know I plan to
Be the one you brag about
Im constantly talking but the real words
Never ever seem to come out
That’s probably why I never say it
My thoughts are misconstrued
And overly conjugated
I wanna be the you listen to on your playlist
That might sound supercilious
But I don’t care
Baby just tell me
That I don’t sound ridiculous
I can have whichever I want
Except for the girl I want
Because I really never see her
I’m thinking she’s my Joan of arc
I don’t know where to start
But I do know how to finish
Long conversations with myself
I’m the only one that’s not paying attention


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