Inside my mind (Erica Badoo)



Heart heavy, feeling sore, head pounding, as if someone was slamming a door, inside my mind.

Eyes burning, its coming soon, the confession to myself that forever looms, inside my mind.

my body cries internally, making my ears ring and my eyes sting, trying to conceal how i feel, inside my mind.

How lonely i feel in and out this cage, filled with false hope, sorrow and rage, inside my mind,

I pray for answers to questions repeated again and again, wondering why life is consumed by sin.

Inside my mind, i picture the woman i want to be, living life with the ones i love, enjoying my sweet symphonies.

Inside my min, i pray for a lover to wipe away the sorrow and bring back my happiness for tomorrow.

Inside my mind, i feel myself slowly breaking down in my thoughts, im forever drowning, inside my mind.

I search for peace, to my lord i…

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