The silence (Erica Badoo)


ImageSilence, as i wait for a reaction. Explosions,fireworks, explosions? No, just silence. Its just as deadly. 

I try to listen to my thoughts, looking for direction, but i hear nothing. Silence, the silence is killing me, 

Clawing into my flesh, like poison running through my veins, into my heart making it burn. 

The silence is cold. causing me to shiver on this summer night. Why dont you yell, raise hell?

Heres a knife! why dont you threaten my life? P;ease! Just break the silence! I cannot take anymore!

..But after what ive done, after all of this, how could there be nothing except silence…

I committed a sin, putting my hand in anothers hand. 

But how can you just sit there in silence? Please say something, this is insane! break the silence and get rid of the pain, in my chest.

..but maybe you shouldnt…maybe i deserve the burn, i promised you i wouldnt, and now…

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