Cinderella Suicide (Giggles)


My name should be cinderella instead of giggles. The way people walk around like their better than me. As if im a peasant. People should just call me cinderella because thats how they treat me. Like the step child that never could. But out of all of them i was always the smartest, most beautiful, and talented. But no one sees that. No one sees the beauty inside this Cinderella. No one sees me as a human. Just as a little Cinderella upstairs. Waiting to be seen. Waiting to be heard. Watching the outside world. People should call me Cinderella instead of giggles. Seems like Cinderella would commit suicide before she gets a chance. Apart of me dead, a piece of my soul gone. Noting there but a empty space, and a notebook. -Giggles.

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