Crossroads (Bluejay)

Sometimes you have to take the truth in small doses, (Abstract Drugs)


I can never have enough.

Lust has gotten me frustrated.

My patience has been underestimated’

I don’t want to be alone,

I cant take it,

But I don;t want our love

to turn into hatred.

Face it!

We are to different,

and it takes a lot for my contentment.

Its hard t let go,

but I’d rather that then resentment.

No, i need more.

Why don’t I find someone else?

What for?

Because you were the best.

When you are around,

I get butterflies in my chest.

yes i had it all.

So where did our relationship fall?

What happened to all the love and affection?

Answer my question.

Because im not afraid to go the other direction


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