I told her I would change
But my changes they didn’t change shit
So now all I have are these chainzes
I walk around wearing all of these Braclets Have stupid conversations
But they really don’t say shit
That means the stupid is in me
Drive fast So my tank is on E
Father please
She’s bring me to my knees
Its all because that one thing
She’s hiding between her knees
That’s that shit
That makes me wanna smoke trees
Back to begging for change right
But will the change ever come
If your standing under these bright lights
I should make this night a great night
Cutting the tension in the air
With a steak knife
You say I’m the best
But I doubt your honestly watching me
Bitch please this isn’t twitter
So stop acting like you follow me
I should let the choir sing
Let a tear fall from your eyes
Because the roundness of her ass
Is waking me wanna think
Should I even blink
If I miss my opportunity
She might not ever notice me
So I walk to the bathroom stall
Fuck Facebook
I’m way too busy writing on walls
Face it
I’d rather remain nameless
Than to become somebody she doesn’t like When I’m famous
Now you know why I named this changes
Your gonna get a show tonight
I don’t want your petty cash
Treat me like a stripper
Throw the change at my ass


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