Wise Words From A Wise Man

“If I had a time machine i’d break that shit cause you cant change the past, Only change the future -MUSICGANG ” (JusBadd)

Those are words from a wise man
I needed these same words
Back when I was a freshman
I can truthfully say
He tought me a bunch of valuable lessons About how I should cherish everyday
Life is a blessing
I needed to share this with the world
Because lately I’ve been stressing
Long days and longer nights
I pray it’s alright
Because honestly I wrote a song called “Diamonds” Just last night
And Yea, Diamonds are alright
But I love my sheet music
Sheet music is all white
With black lines and black notes
Sometimes I think I’m your last hope
I’m gonna keep on writing and sing
Until my last note
This inspiration was taken
From the wise words that my brother wrote


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