Ignorant : Lacking of knowledge or knowledge to a perticular subject or fact,training, unlearned, uninformed, unaware

I know the real reason why you dislike me
Its because you wanna be like me
I take my dreams
Then turn them into realities
You know your life is a mistake
You should actually be proud of me
Your just a silly stupid face
faceGiving me allergies
You really never noticed
Dummy I sniffle when you pass me
We both know you could never pass me
You walk past me
Your so stuck in the past
I’m starting to think your last week……….

You have no life so you comment on everyone else’s, if I lived in your body I’d probably devour whatever lies inside of me, but your so busy looking down on me, drown yourself in the tears from my memories, we talk like we’re enemies but we both know you’ll remember me.

Ignorance isn’t bliss
A comprehension such as this
Takes time
Slowly reading my lines
Thinking out of your mind
We both know your online dating
But profile pics don’t match up
Why am I ignorant
You can’t even keep your mouth shut


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