Was I? (Erica Badoo)

I told her how I felt
But now I feeling that it was premature
Now in everything I write
It gets edited
I leave her wanting more
In hopes
That this will keep her coming back for sure
But lately other females
Have been talking to me more
I’ve never really been a whore
It feels like everyday
I’m trying more and more



Your love was real, as was mine, we thought we were til the end of time, 

But our love wasnt meant to be, you were willing to do anything for me,

I loved you but was not willing to give what you gave, you would change for me, from the way you looked to the way you behaved. 

And at first it was great, but soon gratitude turned into hate, when i realized what i was letting you do.

I fell in love with the change and not with the man, slowly you felt me drifting from your hands, and thats when i had to leave,

I prayed for clarity in the chaos. You convinced me to stay, and my doubts went away…

But then the clouds dispersed, and out cam a voice, telling me it was time to make my choice.

I tried and i cried, asking what i should…

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