Coping (Erica Badoo)

I gotta cope
Feeling of pain in ever stroke
The way we’ve painted our relationship
Your so emotional without even saying it
But now a days we have to cope
Howwe feel toward each other
Is shown in every single word I’ve wrote
.ArtDealer Shit



The world is real, no matter how i feel, I’ll do what i know, even though, i feel like shit, ill just cope with it. And ill be okay because i know tomorrows not yesterday.

Im sorry mother, i wish i could help, but im too consumed with helping myself. I know we’re filled so much sorrow , but can we not bring this into tomorrow. Lets cope.

Because even though the world is real, you have have a say in the way you feel. Find a way to cope and dream of  the unreal. 

In my dreams you come to me, making me want this to be my reality. I see you, and all you do, and it makes me smile. I pray you stay awhile

But then then clouds come, the dream is done, along with the sun. The waves crash, the building burn to ash.

As i start to…

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