Sir spiffy (Erica Badoo)

Oh sweet lady
Drive me crazy
Like a new Mercedes


what art thou?


You are my companion,


my enemy,


You are my creator, 


my destroyer,


You are my healer, my sickness, my drug, my dealer, 


thou art my love that rises my sun, however the hate that rests behind my moon 


You are my secret, my fame, my glory, my shame,


thou art my nimbo, that claims my soul and hides my ego, my happiness, my sorrow…thou art the greatest treasure


God ever gave, a angel let down for man to give praise, 


You are my truth, my lie, my live , my die 


thou art the sweetest treat of flesh, the moist drop of rain, the sunset rests in before the sky’s blanket sets…


thou be the greatest thing God created, the worst temptation to a man, thou are a mystery, a book…to be read



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2 thoughts on “Sir spiffy (Erica Badoo)

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