Her eyes are staring down at me
Because she sitting on the pedestal
Looking out at what’s inside of me
And yes I placed her on that’s pedestal
Has me at a stage
Where I see her looking so amazing
….. only one word can explain this sexual sensation
So Day & Night
When we’re together its a celebration


I…. can’t tell when she’s coming,

no….oh no…. she goes where the wind blows…


but.. when she’s near i feel her presence, 

her exotic essence……


shakes…as her grace grazes the windows….

the blue shutters utter….. soft words as she passes,


the bed sheets shiver, while the candles wax is…

 at awe in her amazing figure finally




she reaches me, a direct hit….i must truly admit 


i black out…. a fatal flash struck me…


luckily…this… this… sort of ice- chiliing… sort of 


fearful feeling….


from a cloud bestowed upon me…didn’t harm but instead alarmed me


i could feel her soft bark brown eyes on me


Her heat all over my body,


i sat stunned as her sweet sound surround me


so profoundly….. i moved not a inch….not a flicker or flinch  


i was…

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