Love is a verb (Bluejay)


Love is a verb, Bird is the word, Tell me how much you love,Now those words sound so absurd, Tell me a story and add a bunch of synonyms, Put it in paragraph form, Double spaced, Send my mind on a chase……., Give me more than just reality, Now a days its a travesty, The world was supposed to end they lied, Now I hope your story tell me , who the fuck I’m supposed to be


Love is a verb.

Just thought I should make that known.

Because if it was only a word, then it wouldn’t have to be shown.

If you weren’t here during the storm, then I was alone all along,

And I’d probably be better if you would be gone.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

neglect me if you want, (you could be my family),

But I still will move on.

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