Beautiful………. (Nothing More)


I lie here motionless, shocked and in a daze, but the feeling pulsating through my body leaving me in a haze.

my beating heart in a race, slowing and picking up its pace,

my mind in trance,engulfed with what i’d had just witnessed.

Feeling dizzy, as if I may faint, trying not to move in fear that the feeling will become taint.

Amazed that something so simple could ignite a flame so ablaze, leaving me so speechless and in a daze.

i pray the that the feeling stays, knowing that the memory will pass soon enough within the days.

But what do you do when the story is over, when theres nothing left to see? 

i have nothing to anticipate since the tale is done, no more vibrations the same as the first one.

I can’t go on now that ive had a taste, of that sweet natural high that my mind has now embraced.


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