2012 LookBack

New years resolution
Start a new years revolution
Cause when I look back at last year
This past year It was spent obsessing
Over things I could never have
And girl I didn’t have a chance with
But she made me a better artist
That I can’t deny Its just the fact
That she never said thank you
I’m just assuming she was never thankful

But I’d like to take the chance to thank her She single handedly made me a better me Now the business that I partake in
Is a direct influence
On how everything with her was taken
Plus a bunch of dope songs
I performed one that I wrote for her
And that shit got me into college
She should be proud of herself
I hope she can be happy with another Because I used to think
I couldn’t be happy with someone other
….. Than her Hoes blowing up my phone “Bengi tell me how that song sounds”
I never wanna sing it
But they only comprehend the chorus
They’re thinking it was written for them
I’m forced to tell them the truth

I never realized How much work
I was putting in
Until that day when I met my new friend
Sat on the phone that whole night
We had a instant connection
Conversations about you
But since we never play we all lose

But I digress from my point
I don’t think I really ever had a choice
From the first moment we met
2 years ….
That’s something i can respect
I’m working on the present
My presence is a present
I’m a fan of giving gifts
But even Santa has a list
Its a new year
I propose this is the last piece of last year And the first piece of the new one
Life is making me better
Make me better forever

Notice how I waisted your time reading this; I could have weathered the storm; Wash the rain away to carry on But fuck it I only came to perform


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