Innocence (Erica Badoo)



Observing and analyzing this world. Trying to come up with an answer to Life’s riddles. Love’s complications, creating chaos and bringing pain, the complete opposite of what she claims to rain upon the dry earth that is desperate to sprout new beginnings. As she awakens from her slumber, Innocence walks on her delicate toes, free of knowledge of Evil and his sadistic pleasures. He sees her walking, her beautiful smile radiating as the winds flows through her hair. A sweet aroma of honeysuckle and blossoms fill the air. Intoxicated with Innocence’s untainted being and unable to comprehend the value of the beauty he is seeing. Evil sends a beautiful nightmare to her, hoping to entice her curiosity. As Innocence awakes in a fiery passion hoping to find the unknown feeling that has engulfed her mind, Evil sets a trap of great monstrosity. He stands in the suns rays all dressed…

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