Artist (Erica Badoo)

I feel personally responsible for this piece 🙂



You. Me.Him.Her.We. It doesn’t matter to me, whether our friendship blossoms or our hearts soar together for eternity. As long as youre here and our hands can feel the same winds,  our minds dance to the same tune, our hearts beat to the same song and our eyes view the same world to which we never truly belonged . For we are the stars and the clouds, and the sun and the rain, rays of light bringing luminous beauty to the people of the earth. We are the nutrients of the earth that on which life depends,  a wave of colors from our children that sprout from  the ground, our delicate hands carefully shaping and nurturing each one, helping to mold them into exquisite beauties. We teach the sweet birds the ways of our songs, so through our winds the music will forever flow. We are the stars in the…

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