Dead, gone, buried is the love that we shared

We thought that we would make it but we were unprepared

We watered the plant when it had already perished

Wave goodbye to all the moments we cherished

We held on so tight but the rope must have slipped

Now our hearts lay broken, forever chipped

Dead, gone, buried

Can our hearts endure the pain, to ever love again?

Why play a game, we can’t ever seem to win

When I look out my window I make sure it’s a cloudy day

Because the california skies just remind me of your blue eyes, and how they got away

And the trees just haunt me, reminding me of our days at the park

I am forever stained, you have forever left your mark

Hurt, broken, angry

I understand your pain

It is a silent death, a heart being slain

Your wrath gnaws…

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