People have no respect for the movement
Fuck you thought we were losing
Bitch that’s just the illusion
What should we really be proving
Give me room
Don’t just assume
If I ran away from home
I mean this house isn’t my home
But Someday ill move my throne
To a place I call my own
Fuck it ill be alone
But ill be free
Free to be me
And write the words that I think
Can you imagine it dummy?
Fuck I just lost another motherfucka
But my dad was motherfucka
And his life was unpredictive
Now I trying to be the same
But nobodies really the same
So if I change ill go insane
This mean ill never touch another stage
This means my work has been for nothing
But nothing’s better than half of something
Something that I dream about
Something I honestly can ever live without
And that’s my art
People pretend to play their parts
But they never know where to start
I’ve been busy being free
But that isn’t what I need
I need someone else to see
Bitch please you don’t bother me
Plenty maniacs
But I’m not only
Fucking asthma attacking
Breathing you for stupid reasons
Changing with ever season
Reese’s pieces and chocolate kisses
I couldn’t ever forget
But damn she only wants my dick
This doesn’t make any sense
I’m forced to be the me that I am
She really couldn’t understand
If I ask her about her life
She just stares and draws in the sand
Bitch how can we be as one
If we’re never known for having fun
And honestly every time I see you
I’m working hard on defiance
Good enough for making friends
But fuck it we know the end
The world revolves around the dollar
I’m not a dog
So fuck you and you collar
I’m running against these lions
All these people are lying
.ArtDealer its an alliance
Dope lyrics without me trying
I have a fear of science
It always has to be proven

… What is love?
That’s the question everyone ruins
Standing on top of this mountain
Screaming and shouting
Because if I died today
I’d leave the world in ruins
Not to mention the ones I love
They’d all be shocked and ruined
And I do believe
In the energy
The inner me
I’m be a man
If I’m waisting time with all my enemies
My enemies are in the mirror
I’m so scared of my future
A monster and he is ruthless
I had to be born this way
Because really who would choose this……….


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