What are you thinking (Badoo)



They say ” You are so nice”. ” You are so beautiful”. You are intelligent and pure of heart.”

“when you smile i can see heaven’s light” and “I feel love radiating through your finger tips.

But most of all, i hear ” you are just so very different than anyone i’ve met”.

I humbly accept the compliments graciously with a soft expression on my face, to mask my inner thoughts.

I wonder about how my life would change if they really knew who i am, not the person they used to know or the person they picture me to be.

Would I be just as beautiful in their eyes, would my touch be just as warm,

or would my image be tainted and my touch avoided.

Would i be just as intelligent, would i be just as kind?

Or would i just be confused and selfish.

Instead of being the individual that i am, would i be…

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