Talking to you.

You wanna talk
But you have any words to say
Never willing to speak
Upon the things that lay on your mind
So now I’m sitting on the phone with you
Feeling like I’ve been denied
Today has just been one of those days
I really shouldn’t even write this
But these words on this page
Basically say our conversation
Because we really never have a conversation
We just waist time
On blank statements
It seems like you have things to say
But those things
You really never wanna say to me
And some days you get upset
I don’t know why
Talking to you is just like talking to myself
You never have any input
You just look unhappy
And we both know
I’ve tried to change your frame
Of mind…….

I thought yesterday would bring us closer
My fingers inside of you
While your bodies shaking with emotion
My hands drenched in your pleasure
But really at this time
Your the only thing thats on my mind
I would love for you to tell me
Why you seem so hurt
Why you never say what’s on your mind….

Why do you think I would judge you
Just so j can be the ine that hurt you
I don’t wanna be the one that made you cry
I wanna be the one that tell you no lies
But lately you’ve been on some other shit
If I was a alien
You’d be chilling on my mothership
Because I’m E.T.
Trying to run away from home
Would you really come with me
We sit in silence
And its the silence that always gets me
Your eyes look
Better than any private part of you
That is no longer private
And I probably shouldn’t
Show this to the world
But fuck it
My thoughts are never private
I really wanna ask you what your problem is
But I’ll probably never get an answer
You’ll end up sad
And that’s where the real problem starts
Did we start at the end
Were we more than friends
Before I jumped in
To the deep end
I kinda feel like your playing a game
But this isn’t pretend


One thought on “Talking to you.

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