Bad Girl (Original Story line) 1/3

I used to know this girl


…… She stayed face deep
Inside somebody’s crotch
But friendship I still gave her
Hoping that it would change her behavior
But a whore stays a whore
Unless she wants to change
I didn’t know that after meeting me
She’d never be the same
Call me up late nights
After a long day
Saying how she bent over
And starting taking it the long way
Its Friday
There’s a party I’m invited to
That’s what happens
When certain people get to liking you
I call her up
And told her she should be my plus 1
She asked me “how many dudes I gotta fuck”
I said not 1
We enter through the door holding hands Everybody is watching
They think that im her man
But they don’t understand
We’re just playing pretend
Little did we all know
This is how the story begins

(To Be Continued)

One thought on “Bad Girl (Original Story line) 1/3

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