Bad Girl (Original Story Line) 2/3

I’ve never been one for playing pretend
Unless I’m playing to win
But looking in your eye
I see I could never win
You’ve been playing for year
I’m holding a hand that’s shaking with fear
So I whisper in your ear
“Everything is fine”
Then I kiss you on your cheek
Hoping you can read between the lines


…. Now we’re in this party deep as fuck
I’m talking
Making you laugh
But the people standing around us
Seem to be a little bothered
They know your reputation
And I’m not the one that started it
Your reputation of
Fuckin, suckin and swallowing
If I wasn’t above catching a disease
I’d be the first one
To put you on your knees
Just to get in between
Your thighs
But I know that your more
Than just a rise
You ask for the direct of the bathroom
I point my finger
Now your walking to the bathroom
30 minutes later
I think your still in the bathroom
Then I knock on the bathroom door
….. Now I’m opening the door
I see you sitting on the floor


(To Be Continued)

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