Bad Girl (Original Story Line) 3/3

So I see you laying on the floor
Cocaine mustache
Need I say anymore


I thought you were a diamond in a rough
Now I know your rough
With diamonds
Attached to your ears and neck
Please don’t confess
I had high hopes for us
And that’s not just because
You bust it wide open
For these dummies that like you
I’m sick of your SHIIIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!
Shit I’m sick of it all
The late nights we would talk
You say you wanna change
And its not your fault
If life was a game
I would press restart
…….For you


I wish you knew how much you mean to me
As I pick you up off of the floor
You have left me wanting more
As we ride to the hospital
You speak in a drunken mess
Your words are the words of test
Your testing me like algebra class
But its not that bad
Speed into the emergency
Nurse there has been an O.D.
Help me please
God all mighty
Will you make her breath
Your last words were lovely
You told me that you loved me
I hold your hand
As you flat line
Living this flat life
You’ve been accustomed to
I’ve been so rude
Judge you om past imperfections
I’ve learned my lesson
So now I never treat a lesser person
Than less than
They are
Girl you are a star
So when I look upon that life
I shall remember all of your life.


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