I’m sorry
What were we discussing
Because I’m a little wrapped up
With all these thoughts about my mummy
And yes I mean “Mummy”
I keep him in my basement
If you snitch ill have him eat you
So you better not say shit
I keep him alive
By giving him 9 lives
There’s so much pussy outside
Devouring family ties
And ruining peoples lives
I’m so unrealistically hypnotized
Ill watch you under the full moon
You dont see me
Creeping up behind you
Quietly and Slowly
Put the medicine inside of you
Fall into my arms
Now ill carry you to my sanctuary
Yes, you can scream
But the world will never find you
Please try to escape
And watch how fast my mummy swallows you
This isn’t a debate
Do what your told or ill embarrass you
Snap a couple photos
Just to put it on the internet
Then ill make you read the comments
People often show their disrespect
I spit hot shit
No toilet paper
Where’s my mummy at
Is it bad that I watched him
Peal your muffin cap back
You look like your delicious
After the meal
I need to take a nap
Now he’s making mess
“Really Mummy!! I never asked for that.”
I just needed someone to talk to
The kids at school
I guess never really liked me
Unless I was being laughed at
I never thought that shit was Funny tho
The same kids
I bury their dead bodies in my backyard
I put this one girl in my pool
Can somebody call a lifeguard


…… I tried to tell my mom about my mummy
She just started laughing
Thinking it was a game
But after she saw the news report
About the missing kids
She finally realized
Why my bedroom
Was filled with screaming adolescents
Now I’m sitting in this padded room
Nothing left to do
Besides tell my story to you Looney Toons
And drink a little apple juice
I am not crazy
He was really there
But of the blood covering my mouth
I was unaware
At this point of the story
You should be really scared….

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