Im asking Where did the love go
While I was walking
Down these dirty roads
What does my future hold
Is it just filled with things ill never hold
Sometimes I wanna explode
But Sometimes
Sometimes I gotta let go

Being me is a gift and a curse
I love the ones around me
But sometimes I wanna burst
Living my life out written pages
And pencil shavings
I write too much
But the things I say
Just can’t be related
Luckily I’ve contemplated
The real reason
Some people hated me
Back when I backwards
And I was laughing at my fuckin teeth
But now I get the “Hoes”
I just wanted the art
Goofy bitches
Couldn’t play their part right
Now I’m writing upon light
You never wanted to see it
But this little light of mine
I’m about to let it shine
All up in your face
The man in the mirror
I stand facing mine
Never needed excuses
Always wanted results
So I really never the demands
Of these adults
I was told
“Boy don’t rock the boat”
But I love to swim
And the girls that used to talk shit
Are now saying that they’re in love with him
How am I to cope
I know its only getting worse
These fishes need water
I’m the one that quenches their thirst

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