Move It Or Lose It

Roses are purple
Violets are blue
And these days I can’t speak of color
Without noticing a thought of you
It used to just be you and Erica Badoo
Correctly driving the speed limit
Safely all through my mind
Somedays I prayed for
Your vehicles to colide and combine
Even though my imagination is nevermind
Notice how we pray to god
But never father time
If we did
I don’t know
We might be given more time
To tell these beautiful lies
Underneath these dim lit skies
Singing Michael Jackson
“Do you remember the time”
…. Really do you remember those times when
When we held hands
And you jumped into my arms
While we were stranded on a island
I swear that was the day
You shined like a diamond
But then again that never really happened
That was something that I dreamed up
Your someone that I dream of
Of course one day
That’s something I hope to gain
For my dreams and realities to be the same
But I’m gonna be honest
Its sorta draining
Knowing the words that I’ve written
Are slowly being painted
On the soul
Of everyone that chooses to lose control
I’m just trying to make a difference
And keep a permanent position in your home
“Say my name, say my name”
When I stand alone in the rain
I just hope you do the same
I just hope I can contain
All of my future fame
And all of these people
Making their lives off of causing pain
I would like to stay the same
But we both know
Some things just have to change
I talk too much
That is not a constant anamily
But it is the reason
Why all these people look down on me
….. Going to be what I was born to be
Not because of destiny
I just feel there’s nothing really left for me


.ArtDealer Movement
So move it or lose it
You don’t like the way we deal
Please never confuse it.


One thought on “Move It Or Lose It

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