Haiku by David Anderson

I ran across this video of Lindsey Stirling playing Celtic fiddle over dubstep. I loved it, and immediately knew I had some haiku for this video



I’ve always loved experimenting with eclectic music and bringing it together. The Moody Blues did an incredible job of bringing classical music into the Rock realm. Rick Wakeman added synthesizers to the classical music-rock. The Beatles and others introduced the sitar and Indian music into Rock. I’ve played around with classical themes embellished with synthesizer…


But Lindsey’s Celtic Fiddle played over synthesizers playing dubstep is amazing. Lindsey Stirling is hot as hell, her music is great——–her dance moves are erotic…. This was filmed here in Colorado (I was thinking Iceland or somewhere in the Scandinavian regions)—-but, yeah—–I dig this.






Celtic music has always given me a feeling of the spirituality that lies underneath—playing back to the…

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