The 6 Most Awesome Cats in Comic Books



I am determined to use the power of the Internet to work for my blog. I have been a devoted follower of the Internet for years. I’m a Brony, I love reminiscing about the 80s, and I especially love cats. Long cats, keyboard cats, Nyan cats, talking cats or just adorable cats, I’m a big cat person. I still remember my first cat, Color, who lived on my grandparents’ farm. My cousin and I found him/her(?) in the weeds beside the barn, and we sang to get the Calico kitty to come out and play. Color was awesome.

Know what else is awesome? Superheroes’ cats.

But I don’t mean cat superheroes, like the List of Six I did a few weeks ago. I mean the pet cats who belong to superheroes and super-villains. Everybody’s heard of Superman’s dog Krypto, right? Well here are the six coolest pet cats in all…

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One thought on “The 6 Most Awesome Cats in Comic Books

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