A Fake Smile That I’m Dying To Make Real

These words your about to receive
Is me venting by any means
Like fuck it im really cold
I think im about to sneeze
Im tired of begging you please
If you would only talk to me
But its obvious that couldn’t
So you keep it to yourself
Put it in the shelf with the things
That cause your brain to melt
But when that shelf falls over
What are you to do then
Pick up all the pieces
Then look for some glue to mend
Every single part of you
That’s shattered on the floor
I just wanted to be the person


How could you possibly say
That I’ve never told you anything about me
I’ve told you everything
You just like listening without me……

The story of my life is about a boy
That wants his friends and family
To be happy
And I’ve never lied
“You smile is all I ever wanted”
But fuck me if your smile is fake
You probably practice it in the mirror
So when I ask what’s wrong
You never have to reconsider
Why do you stay if I don’t make you happy
I can’t fall asleep
This will only get worse
Us being together
Maybe a gift and a curse
You said
“If you you love you, you gotta shoe me”
Lately I think that I should let my love go
Though the thought of it hurts
Girl I just need for you to know


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