Random Thoughts


Wise words from a good man
He told me
“Don’t waist you talent
Trying to be peter pan”
So now im in the zone
Watching if I should kill you all
Kinda like we did japan
But then again
Im just trying to make friends
It seems the same people you love
Turn out to be the same people
That pretend
I spent the last 6 months saying
“Talk to me, just let me inside of your head”
When I should have been saying
“Which one of you hoes
Giving the best head”
Thats a little rude
But don’t get misconstrued
Im serious
Your just delirious
And honesty
You thought you could compare to us
At night
My body howls like a wolf
Playing the violin
Everyone is destined for greatness
But im trying to.be the greatest
That’s when I hatch from my cacoon
Of lateness
I am the greatest
And yes I can say this with confidence
Because it’sa dream
Since I was a young boy
The desire to be king
Fuck those watches and rings
I prefer the buy one get one free
I live life by any means necessary
Therefore yes
Some of my thoughts are more scary
It depends on the day
This shit just might vary
Yesterday was a day of bliss
I thought a out a kiss
And today the same girl that got the kiss
Was the same girl
That had the brain pounded
Against my fist
Stupid pregnant dog
Or did I mean to say bitch
Im just putting a pen to some paper people
Sometimes you gotta vent…


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