Conversations Wth Dez

How the fuck am I supposed to stay clam when I’m around a bunch of fucking retards that don’t know shit

How the fuck can I go the distance
While trying to make a difference
You can either make yourself apart of this
Or make yourself a witness

Never wanted to be apart fuck every one they have go witness to exepectually old people because they write down license plates . I hate trying to make someone happy that seem never to be happy, but back to the dumb people why don’t they think before acting

Bitches be on my dick
They’re straight tryna murda a nigga
Making it so I die
And you will never see the greatness of a nigga
But then again I give the average
I started dividing niggas
Subtracting you from your bitches
(Fuck you talking about math for)
The only thing my teacher taught me
Is to be the greatest
I’m with whoever stands with me
Fuck which ever nigga that stands against me

Never had a real teacher in my eyes I learned from life experiences . But learning alone is not always fun. Being or even feeling alone make you a angry person it make you not trust .( And fuck the girl in the blue.) I hate holding back and that’s what all came from learning alone hate. No trust no apologies no forgiveness no excuses that’s a mantality of a nigga that. Had no teacher and fuck math tell blue fuck her five dollars :/


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