If you were me. (No Picture)

I’m not saying you don’t understand.. I’m saying you can’t fully put yourself in my shoes and understand what im going through because no matter how much I tell you, you aren’t here going through it with me… I’m not mad a or anything im just saying how would you feel if everything was taken away from you at one of the happiest days of your life. Being left alone with absolutely nothing not take care of yourself with… How would you deal with a family that obviously couldn’t care less if you were alive or dead or the fact that your mother isn’t well and every time you talk to her you can’t have a conversation because she’s too busy crying. She had bills on to of bills that she had to pay or she’ll be living in a house with no lights, gas, or food. So your obviously gonna do whatever you have to. She’s the only reason your here now. Or how about every time you talk to your girlfriend she’s either mad so you or sad for a reason she may or may not say, and talks about how things are going on with her… Telling her about your problems are only gonna make her feel worse so you make the decision to not tell her thing. Not only that…. She lives away from you so you can’t even see our talk to her when you want. But you get over that because you love her… You go through your sad ignoring other girls that obviously want you just to call get at night and try and talk to her when shes mad at the world for little to no reason. Your friends talk about forks that like you and “bitches” they see and wanna fuck. You love her so your not gonna even think about cheating on her or breaking up with her.. you just keep working it out….. With all of this going on your roommates. The people you consider to be your new family are going through problems of their own. Seeingas how your in a position to take care of everyone Wby wouldn’t you do that. You weren’t raised as a selfish person. But that takes a tone away from you taking care of yourself.. hope would you feel if you had to walk in 30-40 degree weather just to provide for the people you love and made promises to. Not only that… your in school too so you have to keep your haves up and attend class. Some days you doubt yourself and if you made the right decision but then you realize you had no other options but to one day see everyone around you happy. How would you feel if you feel if the people you were working had for were always telling you that you shouldn’t work as hard or making you feel like ours all for nothing. How would you feel if one day you just lost everything and had to rebuild it all better than ever because you’re not going back to where you once were. Hope would you feel if you had the power to create something the world has never seen but no means of puttong it together. Hope would you feel if you bribed in yourself so much that you have no problem killing yourself to make it seem by everyone. How would you feel if your best still isn’t good enough. Honestly, How would you feel if you were me.

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