“Friends Again” (.ArtDealer Series pt1)


I want you to know
We didn’t waist a year together
We grew together
Grew enough for me to know we shouldn’t stay together
You say it’s whatever
But it’s honestly the opposite
You meant damn near everything to me
At the end of us
You said “Fuck you, im done”
I guess you have up on us
And I gave up on trust
I can’t trust it when you say you love me
you don’t act like you love me
or are your playing pretend
a highschool girl playing with the ends
I can’t trust you
If you’re running to
Facebook, Twitter and instagram
Instead of your better half
That shit makes me hella mad
Billions of people knowing my business
Our business
But what you and your friends say about me
It Isn’t really me
It’s just what you tell them
Girls will be bitches
And I promise bitches
Will have an opinion
So when we used to have problems
Running and taking to them
Really want helping
You’ve been there a my lowest point
But you won’t be there
To see the highlights
I dont think your making it
To the end of my documentary
It’s sad to say
It’s honestly more sad to see
The way my love has turned
And walked away from me……
How can wet be friends again
When we never
Really released the beast


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