Girl Damn your body is unstoppable
At first glance
I would’ve thought your name was
Kim possible
Im positively positive
That whatever it is
God made you from
He couldn’t make another one
Im not saying your without flaws
I just pause when I see you on the TV
While you leave me in Awww
It would be easy for me to love your body
Then neglect your mind
But the way I see it girl your one of a kind
I wanna scream it to the heavens
If you ever bless me with your precence
I would make you mine
But with this I know that love takes time
And yes time well spend
Giving you all the pleasure
Your body has never known
Just the thought of me
Will make your legs shake with anticipation
You know im there when you call
Baby keep it patient
But back to the actual time well spend
Take that time we’re together
And multiply that times 10
That’s how many days I’ve spent
Strictly thinking about your smile
How you walk
Plus the way you twirl your hair
When you talk
But I’ve only seen these things
From the TV screen
You see
Because you are an actress
Which means your acting
Are you really the girl of my dreams
Or just another person
Reading lines off paper
Switching emotions between screens


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