.ArtDealer Movement (Pride & Joy)


In my past life
Things were lost into the thug life
That’s because I’m not a thug right
Sianna told me
“I can never love you cause your too nice”
Excuse my language but thats fucked up
Then I saw her with that rude dude
Of course he sold drugs
Once again I’m saying that’s fucked up
Same guy getting handcuffed
Had my ex girl spread open and locked up
That was back in December
2 years ago
Its still feeling chilly as ever
When I lived in Alabama
No one tried to understand it
Just me and my brothers
Anything .ArtDealer related
You know we commanded it
MUSICGANG, No gang affiliations
Please don’t ask me where I got it from
These Hostile hoes
Thought I was playing right
But actually I am playing instruments
And singing sings right
If you ever hear this recorded
…………… Nah nevermind
Its best if I keep it cool in the winter time
If I write another line
I might just fucking lose my mind

“And even if she’s all about the money
I won’t really care
I’m gonna have a lot of money
That’s one other thing that we can share
She’s gonna be my pride & joy”

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