Billie Jean

This is your beautiful surrender
Take your clothes off
When I enter into this room
I’d rather take them off
But girl its just for you to choose
Either way we’d never lose
Getting drunk off the thought of you naked
I’d have to take my time
That special place on your body
I wouldn’t think to neglect it
Now its you and me
Me and you
You and I
I won’t waist your time
I have something special in mind
You say you like my smile
And even though I think your lying
Tracing your skin
With my teeth
Slowly giving you what you seek
Hours later
Girl I might go underneath
Holding my breath
While in entering in your sea
You bring me to knees
All because of that shit between your knees
Yea Boo
Its been a while since we first met
After this you won’t forget
The first time you laid eyes on me
And the first time
You let me between these sheets
After this treatment
Baby don’t treat me like Sarah
I might not be the best
But I’m good enough for you to remember
If your parents
Catch us on the kitchen counters
Or the floor
When I leave you’ll beg me for more
I guarantee you’ll show no fear
When I’m in between your legs my dear


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