I hate the water you use
When your in the shower
Because it touches the parts
I only dream about
Curse the bottle of lotion you use
That moisturizes your exterior
I know the clothes you put on
Are laughing because they know
That they’re closer
And I don’t like the way
The wind blows over you skin
I’ve seen it a million times
You get lost within the wind
To just ascend

    Girl those are the things
    That make me jealous
    And no I can’t help it
    Your so close to perfect
    But your too close to see it
    Don’t think you stand in her shadow
    If I painted it out, shed be red
    You know my favorite color is you, you

Come and be my fixation
Girl come be my fixation
You don’t need a invitation
I just wanted to show you
How you’ve shown me that your amazing


P.s. You couldn’t honestly think
That I’m thinking any less of you
Don’t get me wrong Erica is wonderful
But in my opinion she’s not the same
I see that nothing has really changed
Its cool tho
I’ve shot my dreams off to Pluto
Plus did you even know
Every conversation that we had
Was about you tho
So your petty shit made me laugh
This will probably make you mad
Better than making you sad
While your reading this last line
Thinking about the past
I’m pretty much done with being done
Fuck it……….

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