Keep It Real

Its getting to the point
Where im getting fuckin tired of music
Every song that I write is confusing
Fucking with these illusions
I can’t use my words
And this girl how I really feel
But every we talk
She tells me how my music makes her feel Notice how this relationship never changes
But if up an instrument
Suddenly everything changes
Or if I start to dance
The world becomes nameless
Even better when I draw
Or even better when I paint
I never really say the words
That could change my everything
I’m universal I need seasons
I hope she can forgive me
For whatever reason
It doesn’t seem like she’ll hear me say it
I’m kinda feelin faded
Maybe a little misconstrued
Just the thought of me being rude
Its kinda fuckin up my mood
But to this day I haven’t told her
Hiding behind this .ArtDealer
So when she says
“You don’t know how I feel”
I tell her “Keep it real”


One thought on “Keep It Real

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