Straight Face °____°

Im looking for your emotions
But in the dark I cant see it
Others telling me that their jealous
So i find myself fakely blowing kissing
You get it just to conceal it
I can never get what i gave back
I guess im just doing this for the fun
Your not giving me feedback
Im just gonna stop before i fall
But You wouldn’t notice it at all
Do you even realize where i once was Painting and writing on walls for attention
I needed that
And now i pure my sould into this poety Pieces of music i have created
Every song is dated
I put a team together
So much so i think that we’re related
.ArtDealer no Drug Dealer
So you can addicted quicker
But i digress
Your beauty is nothing less
Than amazing
I hope you know after reading this
Nothing changes
I felt every word i wrote
Though im in need of change
The feelings that i once had
Are still the same
And im not writing this to make you feel bad Then again you haven’t told me anything
And written words on pieces of paper
Seem to make me feel better
Besides the fact
That you said that “We couldn’t be together” Im fine with that
but damn
I was willing to wait forever
I thank you deeply
For the compliants on my art
Now i know where to start
Your the flame that ignited my spark
Im done taking up your time
And i apologize if you feel like i’ve forced you
To read these lines
I just wanted to make a different
I wanted you to be a witness
To know you were my inspiration
Now I know I was mistaken

Straight Face


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