We’ll Grow

She keeps talk pain shit
And she’s told me things
All of these ment that we’d never be
What’s my life with no muse
Girl my life’s getting stranger
I hope we don’t get any stranger

They say all fall deep one time
What if that one time
Isn’t the right time
This girl is so left
She’s got me out of my right mind
How will I know it’s the right time

Because she told me
That her scares weren’t appealing
But she never asked me
What I found appealing
I’ll give you medicine
Ignore all your scares
Let me clear all your flaws

I’m getting tired
Of giving these hoes compliments
Because they’re here and your not
I swear I won’t stop until you tell me to
It doesn’t change the game
Baby its just something
That we all go through
We’ve all had our bad days
Don’t feel so ashamed
Ill be fine
You’ll be fine
We’ll both grow
We’ll grow


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