Sophia was a slave

A slave from Michigan

They’ll start shippin’ ‘em’

Down my way two weeks from today

2013 kind’a girls

Different faces

But same world

Sophia was a slave

A harlot, lady heroin

A scarlet

A piece

A trick

Pleasure for every man’s dick

Sophia was a gypsy gal

And every man that entered her was disgusting and vile

Sophia was a slave

And every personality she had become

Was purely man made

She was in need of some haldol

 “Cause the voices in her head told her

To just end it all

Sophia was a whore

A wench

Pussy for some blue collar Grinch

Sophia was a slave

They dragged her around like in cave man days

She was no Salem witch

But pimped out bitch

She could make any man feel like they were angelically kissed

Sophia’s been reconstructed

And made to trust it



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