It’s A Jungle


Its a jungle
Animals only money hungry
Begging for attention
And angry when they get nothing from me
I think it’s funny
Lams pretending to be lions
It you weren’t born from royalty
That doesn’t mean you should stop trying
I see people dying
Too young to be remembered
Now that I can fly
Why pretend to be a pretender
Big lyrical thinker
And now I have no problem
Speaking anything that I think of
I speak life into existence
You don’t believe come be a witness
Monkey see Monkey do
You a follower
I can’t figure out who is who
Eyes only speak lies
I saw you searching for clues
You think life is a game
I will watch this jungle ruin you
Only believe in lies
Your searching for the truest truth
I write these words into sentences
These sentences will influence you

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